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5 Best volleyballs under 500 rupees online in India.

Best selling volleyball brands with in house manufacturing(In India) under 500 rupees are Nivia & Cosco. You might also consider Vector X which is a company based on Jalandhar.

These are the 3 brands with strong presence in online markets like amazon or flipkart etc as of now. We can hope more indian brands will start selling online soon.

NB: If you see price of any of volleyball in more than 500, you have to wait a little. Because price of these following balls usually goes down below 500 often.

We are avoiding rebranded cheap volleyballs from other countries. Because most of them are generic & are not upto the quality of these brands. More details on how to choose a volleyball for your specific needs.

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What to expect below 500 rupees volleyball vs Official size & material

Every sports have regulating authorities - national and international. These governing bodies decide the official size, type, quality, physical properties & materials for each sports goods.

In the case of of volleyball, there is many governing bodies both on national and international levels like FIVB, VFI, NCAA, AVP. These organisations demand specific qualities & standards from Volleyballs & even other accessories like volleyball shoes, apparel & gadgets etc.

Volleyballs below price range of 500 are from good brands will last long & are of good quality. But most of them are not made with officially recommended material or size.

  • Officially recommended make material of volleyballs by fivb(International volleyball federation) is Non-woven fabric + PU.
  • And number of panel for official tournaments under the governance of FIVB is 8 to 18 panels.
  • And weight 270±10 gram. And circumference: 66.0 ± 1.0 cm.

But many volleyball balls available under 500 rupees differ from officially recommended size. Even more costly volleyballs does not made with these measurements or standards in mind. But is is okay if it is used for just recreational purpose like in most cases.

NIvia Kross World

Nivia Kross World

I personally use this one. It is lightweight and long lasting - but don’t expect too much. Color will fade after few days. It is widely available in size 4. Comes with 18 panels machine stitched. This one can be used both outdoor and indoor or as a beach volleyball.

Color: White, blue & yellow combination.

Make material is pu leather & bladder is butyl.

More details & price offer links


Nivia Hi-grip

Nivia Hi-grip

18 panel, machine stitched. Can be used for recreational / intermediate level playing indoor and outdoor. Available size 4. Rubberised for more bounce - make material is combination of PU, Butyl & rubber.

Color - color combination of yellow blue and black.

Unboxing & first impression

Check price and more details


Cosco Cyclone Volleyball

Cosco Cyclone Volleyball

Cosco have 3 different type of volleyballs; Laminated moulded & stitched. This one is rubber molded & it it waterproof. Make material is rubber and nylon winding with butyl bladder. weight of this product is 260g. Cosco claims that it is of official size and weight.

Color: Yellow, black red combination.

Check price and more details


Nivia Trainer volleyball

Nivia Trainer Volleyball

This is one indoor volleyball from nivia, weights around 300g & it is machine stitched. This can be used for recreational and training purposes.

Color: Yellow, blue & black combination.

Check price and more details


Vector X Smash

Vector X smash Volleyball

This volleyball from vector is suitable for recreational or even intermediate level of play. Outer material is PU Synthetic and inner bladder is generics type rubber.

Colour - blue yellow combination.

Verdict - hard & heavy. Best for outdoor playing in rough conditions like a playground or open court.

See more details on below links..


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