Aurion 3434 Canvas Boxing Hand Wraps Review

Aurion 3434 Canvas Boxing Hand Wraps are one of the few hand wraps available online. I bought it to use along with Aurion 1515 Heavy punching bag.

This is made with a thick material, it is strong and rugged. But i think it is wrong material choice for hand wrap because of its thickness.


Good quality or cloth, material is good.

Relatively low price online.


Not long enough(Thickness is more than needed so it is not possible to increase its length, it will look like a big bulge with such thick material ).

Should you buy it?

Only problem is that it is thick and short. If you are not looking for perfect material, thickness and length you may consider buying it. It is not made with professional standards. But good for those who are just starting & need a cheap option to get started.

Written on August 7, 2020