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4 mistakes every beginner badminton player should avoid.

These mistakes will badly affect you in long term. Become a better badminton player and outplay you peers by avoiding these noob mistakes.

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Buying an expensive racket.

This is very common. 

And in most cases not beneficial to a beginner player.

A beginner should focus on developing skills, footwork, mind, and muscle memory. 

No costly racket will help you if you don’t have basic skills.

A skilled player can do magic with a regular badminton racket. But a player with no skills will fail with a costly racket.

It totally depends on how well one uses the racket and not on the racket itself.

And I would argue that a good pair of badminton shoes are more important than rackets.

If you have money, of course, go for a good pair of rackets.

However, do that only after purchasing a good pair of badminton shoes. Knee and ankle injuries are very common in both beginner and professional badminton players. 

Due to the nature of badminton movement, there is a high risk of injury due to twisting or spraining of various leg joints. A good pair of badminton shoes will ensure that you get a good solid grip on the badminton court and vastly reduces the risk of injury.

Another reason to not go for a costly racket is this; most of them are specialized rackets made for manipulating advanced tricks or custom-made for different playing styles.

Avoid trick shots — no more strange shots.

There is nothing else that screams ‘I am a beginner’ than cheap trick shots.

All those fancy trick shots are useless if you cannot do a proper baseline to baseline clear. 

Trick shots may work once or twice but soon your opponent will learn how to read them and then you are back to square one.

Badminton is a very fundamental game where it is very important to learn the basics.

There is definitely a place for trick shots in badminton, but that is only after one has learned to execute all the basic shots first.

Avoid that fancy style - it is cringe.

KISS — keep it stupid simple.

Fancy playing style is useless if you miss the shuttle, right?

Your focus as a beginner should be efficiency. Just like Thanos fought the hulk. Beautiful strategic moves with precision should be the goal.

Your game should be efficient and smooth without wasting any time or energy. 

The standard, non-fancy, way of playing badminton is the most efficient way for one to hit a shot, there is simply too little time in badminton for one to do all these fancy styles.

Strength training can wait.

Unless you have other fitness goals, there is no need for strength training if you are a beginner badminton player.

You can do this after learning basic skills.

Slow and steady wins the race. Avoid powerful smashes and ego-boosting with beginners’ luck on day one. This attitude for sure will ruin your long-term growth.

Calm down and play the long-term game.

Clearing baseline to baseline properly should be the first goal.

Final note: badminton is a very complex game, even advanced players learn new aspects of badminton every day. Make sure you keep an open mind when you approach badminton, only then will you be able to appreciate the greatness of this sport.

Written on November 1, 2022
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