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Eveready Base B22D 9-Watt LED Bulb (Pack of 3) Review

Eveready B22D 9W LED discount coupons

Brand: Eveready

Bulb base - B22


Cool Day Light

Pack of 3


Warranty:2 years


Product Information

This is a set of 2 9 watt led bulbs form Eveready Brand. This led bulb is one of the widely bought product because it is affordable.Colour is Cool Day Light which, is bright enough to replace old tube light or CFL bulbs.

Packet comes with 3 pieces of 9 watt bulb, and free 4 AAA alkaline batteries (Eveready Brand).Voltage is 130 Volts and Cap Type is B22D which is most widely used cap type in India. You need to take into consideration the fact that This LEDs, will cast a shadow.

To overcome this you need to plan for more than 1 LED on different walls. Weight of this bulb is 380 Grams and is made of plastic material.

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Image of 7w Eveready led bulb

9 watt eveready led bulb pack of 3 unboxed

Our review of this bulb


  1. This bulb works at lower voltages. Good brightness so that you can replace your CFL.
  2. Low wattage, best for the areas like varandha, balcony, dining room, drawing room etc
  1. No Proper Details about warranty is given by manufacture.We will get 30 Months warranty from the date of Packaging or 24 Months from the date of Invoice - whichever is lower
  2. Creates shadow.


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Eveready 9W led bulbs with 6 free battaries


FAQ about Eveready 7-Watt Led bulbs
  1. Will it cause shadows?

Ans:Yes, But It depends on room size.

  1. Does it fits into normal glass bulb sockets? Is this bulb cool white ?

Yes it fits in your normal bulb sockets.The base type is B22D

Yes it is cool white and very bright

  1. warranty time?

Ans:24 Months from the date of Purchase .

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