Best strings for badminton rackets online

Stringing your racket with a good quality string will optimise feel, durability and repulsion power. Therefore it is recommended to choose the best string if you are taking this game seriously.

Because string tension and type of string will affect your performance(Not applicable if you are a complete beginner ). As a rule of thumb, high tension will give you more control but will reduce power (more swinging power needed).

Relatively less tension will add power to hit but will reduce control. You may also have a look at yonex string matrix

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**Which string tension to go for **

  • Beginners use 18lbs - 22lbs
  • Intermediate player can go for 22lbs - 24 lbs
  • Advanced Players - 25lbs and up


String for beginners - BG-65 (standard badminton string, available in different colours)

String for attacking style players - Don’t go to high tension may use Nanogy 98

Strings for power and control - BG66F (not available)

Badminton Stings for different type of players

Beginners and intermediate badminton players are always confused about which badminton racket to choose, which type of badminton racket is good, which string to use, which tension to use, etc.

We have approximate 10 to 15 famous brands producing badminton rackets. And 300 to 400 different badminton rackets models are available in Indian market. Most of these brands produce strings, shoes, and other badminton accessories also.

This make task of choosing a racket/string a difficult task. If you are confused about which racket to choose, BG65

List of all yonex strings with details like repulsion power, hitting sound, durability, shock absorption and control

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Things to know before buying a badminton racket

Choosing string & deciding tension - After having fair knowledge of basic rules of badminton & gaining good experience.

It is good to Know technical things about badminton rackets and strings. Try to learn how factors like string material, balance of racket, tension, stiffness etc affect playing.

Then try playing with different rackets, strigs, string tensions and find out how these factors affect your performance.

Doing this will give you a jump from your intermediate level to expert level. If you are new to technical aspects read things to know before buying a badminton racket. This will give an overall idea.

Durability and quality of strings will change based on string tension, material, thickness etc. More experiance players could look to factors like long/short dwell time & soft/solid feel.

Best badminton strings for beginners

Biginners should use a racket that will help them to develop playing skills. Always do good warm up before starting game. Learn the footwork and concentrate on strokes. Practice accurate tosses, drops, smashes etc.

Don’t go for too light racket because it will not last longer. You may consult a coach or experienced player for getting insights about string tension, racket type to use. Or choose from top 10 best selling strung badminton rackets in India. String tension 20lbs and BG-65 string.

Best badminton strings for smashing

Which type of string should attacking style players use - attacking style playing will put string to extra work . Yonex Nanogy is a good option. Higher tension will not give power unless you are hitting with the sweet spot of racket.

Yonex nanogay string

Best badminton strings for power and control

Which type of strings are best for both power and control - to combine power and control it is important to find the perfect tension for new string. You can try BG66F (not available online India)

Badminton string with sound while hitting

Good Sound is produced due to best timing of shot. And you cannot get a string that sounds best. It is less important like colour of string and does not have much impact on playing.

But Yonex Aerosonic , BG85 are said to be (by yonex marketing) producing good hitting sound.

Yonex badminton strings review

There are 15 string products available in India. Yonex racket and string combinations are used by many professional badminton players.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to focus on practising then you can go for Yonex BG-65. Yonex strings of world class quality and this is evident by most international level playrs.

Yonex Titanium, multifilament, monofilament and Vectran strings are the choice of the many top tournament professionals.

List of all strings available from yonex-> List

Li-ning badminton strings review

Li-Ning also have a range of strings different in thickness and material . List of all strings available from Li-ning->List.

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