Best volleyball balls available online in India-2021 Update

Quick decisions & actions are the main skills needed for one to excel in this game. Volleyball is a purely rebound game, so you cannot hold ball in you hand & this demands constant action from every player.

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Volleyball in India

Volleyball is a widely popular game in India. India is ranks 5th in Asia & 27 in the world.

Even though it may not beat cricket in terms of popularity or number of world class players, Volleyball have its strong presence both in rural as well as urban India as a popular recreational game.

Go to any rural/urban area in India, we will get to see Volleyball Courts set up in most of the schools & playgrounds.

Setting up volleyball court for recreational purpose is very simple. We just need a volleyball net and ball. But in this post, we are going to find out ‘The best volleyballs in India’ below each price segment’. Starting from most affordable cheap volleyballs to branded volleyballs.

Volleyball in India is governed by Volleyball Federation Of India. India have mens and women’s national teams & they represent India in different international events.

Health benefits of playing volleyball regularly

Volleyball is great fun & great exercise at the same time. Playing regularly will give great health benefits like - Burning calories and fat, shapes the body, Improves hand-eye coordination, Increases aerobic ability and is a full body exercise.

If you need an actual fit body (Not just big muscles) then why spend money & time, lifting weights when you can get entertainment & fit body at the same time by playing volleyball .

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Volleyball buyers guide

This page is dedicated to reviewing and listing best volleyball balls available online in Indian market. We take special attention to list lowest price options of each product (from different online shops).

Volleyballs are categorised based on price (below) so that you can easily choose the perfect one for you.

Detailed information of each product is also given in organised way. Our main emphasis while reviewing a ball would be on functionality, durability, brand value and customer feedback.

We hope this is your last stop in searching for the best volleyball to buy.

Standard volleyball ball is with a circumference of 65 to 67 cm (size 4). But different sizes are available for outdoor playing / for kids. Material used in good volleyball balls are leather or synthetic leather.

Top volleyball brands in India

Top Indian volleyball brands are Nivia, Cosco etc. Exported products from top foreign companies are also available online in Indian market.

Cosco - Indian Sports Equipment Manufacturer based in Delhi. Cosco makes sports goods for football, volleyball, basketball, football, fitness equipments and more(List of all best balls from Cosco).

Nivia - One of the leading sports brand in Punjab, India. Nivia is Branded under the banner of Free Will Sports Pvt Ltd (List of all best balls from Nivia).

Vector - Another Indian company that manufacture and market shoes, basketballs, volleyballs, racket sports equipment etc (List of all best balls from Vector).

Other top brands are Puma, Nike, Spalding, Wilson, Kipsta, Silvers (see best options) etc

Best Indoor volleyballs

Indoor volleyball balls As name suggests indoor volleyball is played indoor. With teams of six players on each side.
Indoor volleyballs are made with natural or synthetic leather.

Factors that make indoor volleyballs different from outdoor one are, less heaviness(just a little less than outdoor volleyballs), air pressure (more air is pumped into ball) and size (is a little small compared to outdoor balls).

And an indoor volleyball is made by moulding/gluing (panels) where as outdoor ball panels are stitched.

Best volleyballs Under Rs-500 in India

Vector X speed 32P Volleyball

Check price - Amazon

Vector x speed volleyball ball

Colour - combination of red and white. Available at a cheap price.

Nivia PU-5000 Volleyball, Size 4

Check price - Amazon, flipkart

Nivia PU-5000 volleyball

Material used for making Nivia PU- 5000 as name indicates is PU-leather material. PU or poly synthetic leather is man made equivalent of leather material. It is long lasting and resistant to dirt.

Nivia Volleyball, Size 4 Under Rs-600

Check price - Amazon, flipkart

Nivia Volleyball-size 4

It is a panel moulded volleyball but will withstand conditions in indoor and outdoor courts.

Cosco Acclaim Volleyball under Rs-1000 rupees

Check price - Amazon, flipkartCosco Acclaim Volley Ball

One of the best selling volleyball from Cosco. Made with PU-leather and nylon bindings.

Best Outdoor volleyballs

Outdoor volleyball balls

Outdoor volleyball/Beach volleyball Is played on sand outdoors. Members of team can range from two to six players.

You can identify an outdoor volleyball by seeing stitched panels (and therefore threads) on the ball, which make them little more durable. And weighs little more than indoor volleyballs. Weight help them to withstand impact of wind while playing outside. Read more.

Puma 082606 01 Beach Volleyball

Check price - Amazon, flipkart

Machine stitched puma volleyball for beach

This ball from puma is for outdoor/beach. It is an original puma ball which is made for recreational or practising. This also is a machine stitched one.

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