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Full Body Exercise kit for home - India

Due to Covid 19 situation, many people are stuck inside home now. Gyms are starting to open in india now(6/08/2020) but still many of us are limited to do workout inside home. But that doesn’t mean we cannot do a full workout session in home including cardio and stretching.

Following is a full body exercise plan for weight loss & fitness that you can do in the comfort of your home. I decided to make it simple by listing all options you can do. Choose any one or two from each category and start today.

Offer links for buying all of these products are included in the list. Choose one of many options from each of cardio, stretching, workout or other sport.


For cardio following 2 options are best because of limited space in home compared to a gym. You can include some other full body workouts like sit ups, lunges, pushups along with one of the following.

Skipping rope

Skipping ropes are used by kids to professional athletes. It is simple but can be used in many different ways. Starting with normal jumping and landing to insane workouts.

Freestyle football

Nivia street football/soccerball

Freestyle football is amazing if you are alone and there is only limited space to exercise. You can start with learning to juggle then go to more and more difficult tricks.

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Resistance bands

6 different types of resistance bands

There are different types of resistance bands. Mainly 8 different types of designs. Each of them are used for different purpose.



Practising yoga at home cartoon

Calisthenics use our own body weight to perform different workouts. One or two equipments like a dumbell or weight ball will help but, not a must.


Cheap dumbells buy online in india

Dumbbells are the most useful equipment for any fitness enthusiast. You can do many different variety of exercises using just a pair of dumbells.

Pull up bar

Pull up bar along with a dumbell would be the perfect combination for both upper body and lower body exercises.

Punching bag

Man punching bag

This is a good option for not only practicing boxing but also for exercising. You can buy punching bags online or offline, these are available as filled and unfilled.



cartoon image of badminton court at home

Badminton is one of the best sports for fitness. It need very limited space to setup a badminton court. Good badminton rackets are available from a price range of 400 to 50000 and up.

Table tennis

stag ninja fire under 400

Table tennis need even less space compared to badminton. But initial setup cost is more.

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Written on September 10, 2020