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Hockey equipment list – Everything you need to start

Hockey is a not a very popular sport in India.  It was considered as the the national sport of India till 2012. It is a team sport in which 2 teams are involved.

It has a rich History and the sport is played in different parts of the world. This game is also played in Olympics. Indian Men’s Hockey team was the first non-European team to be a part of international Hockey federation.

Field hockey is played on grass or turf field. There are two teams and 11 players in each team. There are different kind of protective gears for the players.

Field Hockey stick – which hockey stick is best one to buy in India

Field Hockey stick is an integral part of the game. A good one can enhance your game play. So it is important to have all the right hockey gears. There are different brands of hockey equipment’s available in market.

But choosing the right brand is a tricky job. The right brand can be determined on the basis of features like your position in the field, Bow, composition, weight etc.

Regarding the hockey stick, it is not necessary that the most expensive stick can be the best hockey stick. The expensive hockey sticks are very stiff as they are made of carbon so if you are novice then it will be difficult for you handle it.

The use of metal is forbidden. There is high amount of carbon content in this sticks. Through these sticks it is difficult to control the ball. Sticks which are less expensive are made up of wood, fibre glass or some other materials. They are easy to stop and control it.

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5 best hockey sticks that you can buy online in India

  1. Alfa Y30 – L -37

                                                                        Material – Composite hockey stick (carbon, Kevlar, Glass Fibre)
Check price & more details at – Amazon</li>

  * #### **CE Teranga Free Hit**

                                                    Material -Wooden, Solid Blade
Check price & more details at – Amazon</li>

      * #### **CE Teranga Punjab Tiger**

                                                                          Material -Wooden, Solid Blade
Check price &more details at – Amazon</li>

          * #### **Alfa Tango Combo (2 piece)**

                                                                           Material – Wood
Check price & more details at – Flipkart</li>

              * #### **Mayor Mustang**

Material – Fibreglass, Wood
Check price & more details at – Flipkart</li> </ol>

                ## **Hockey ball**
                The standard weight of the Hockey ball is around 5 and half inches. One can practice by purchasing standard balls which are available to <a href="http://amzn.to/2BwUr7P" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">buy within Rs 100 to Rs 200</a> price range. The hockey ball travels fast and is made of plastic. They are not necessarily in white colour. Sometimes they are of different colours so as to contrast with the playing surface.
                ## **Field hockey gloves**
                Field <a href="http://fkrt.it/~Ei7j!NNNN" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">hockey gloves with many discounts</a> are available from online stores in India. They are available on retails stores as well. Some of the top brands in sports equipment manufacturing also supply field hockey gloves. Just like the field hockey stick, the selection of gloves also depends on individual preference. 
                Some players require gloves to just keep their hands warmer during the play. Typically, players wear gloves on both hands for indoor playing sessions. But for outdoor playing sessions they just wear one glove on the left hand. Gloves help in preventing any kind of injuries to the hand.
                ## **Special equipment for goalkeepers**
                There is special equipment for goalkeepers as well. They are supposed to wear **helmet, kickers and leg guards**. There are additional guards such as chest guards, neck guards, arm guards etc. Also there are special hockey socks and pants. 
                To protect the teeth there is mouth guard. Nowadays there are hockey equipment bags available some of which are wheeled. These non-wheeled hockey bags are easy to carry.
                The **equipment for women in Hockey** slightly differ from that of men. For e.g men have jock whereas women have jill to protect the groin and thigh portion area.
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Written on December 22, 2017