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Nivia volleyballs

Nivia have strong presence in both online and offline sports stores in India. They uses 8 different type of materials & designs for making volleyballs. If you are searching for the best volleyball ball, here you can see all details about Nivia volleyballs.

In this post, let’s have a look at different volleyballs, Volleyball category/serieses, make material & quality of each of those volleyballs from Nivia brand.

Always choose a volleyball which is most suitable for the playing surface. Some volleyballs would work best on soft surfaces while others will be most durable when used in hard surfaces. Some balls are designed specially for wet surfaces and water.

All volleyballs from Nivia is size 4. Size 4 volleyballs in India usually have circumference of 64 cm and is considered as the official size.

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Nivia volleyballs overview.

  • Leather laminated
  • Rubberised moulded.
  • PU stitched.
  • PU laminated.
  • Microfibre composite laminated.
  • PU dimpled stitched.
  • Rubberised stitched.
  • TPU stitched.

What different models mean - Nivia volleyballs.

  • Nivia spiral Volleyball - Leather Laminated.
  • Nivia spot volley - 18 panel Volleyball - Leather Laminated.
  • Nivia flite rite Volleyball - Cellular Rubber Moulded.
  • Nivia G-2020 Volleyball - Microfiber Composite Laminated.
  • Nivia twirl Volleyball - Microfibre Composite Laminated.
  • Nivia PU volleyball Volleyball - PU Stitched.
  • Nivia merger Volleyball - PU Dimpled Stitched.
  • Nivia PU-5000(471) Volleyball - PU Stitched
  • Nivia spikester Volleyball - PU Laminated.
  • Nivia PU-5000(470) Volleyball - PU Stitched.
  • Nivia super synthetic Volleyball - Rubberized Stitched.
  • Nivia Hi-grip Volleyball - Rubberized Stitched.
  • Nivia classic Volleyball - Rubberized Stitched.
  • Nivia airstrike Volleyball - Rubber Laminated.
  • Nivia trainer Volleyball - Rubberized Stitched.
  • Nivia curve Volleyball - TPU Stitched.
  • Nivia Kross world Volleyball - Rubberized Stitched.
  • Nivia Kraters Volleyball - Rubberized Moulded.
  • Nivia Volleyball league - Rubberized Moulded.
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Written on April 14, 2021