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A short & interesting history of Tennis racket.

First made from solid wood, laminated wood, steel, then aluminium & now carbon composites, the evolution of tennis rackets happened in a long time span.

Many innovations, changes in shape & designs also happened during this time frame. Nowadays rackets are made with light weight, durable materials like titanium and other carbon composites.

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Tennis: the best game for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Comparing to badminton, which demands high speed of movement, tennis need more stamina and power. It is a physically demanding sport.

That is why many professional athletes play tennis for cross training. Playing tennis offers overall health benefits & entertainment. And whole family can participate. Age is not a restriction for this game as we can continue playing a lifetime.

Tennis is the best game for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Burns more calories than cycling or aerobics.

Improves leg strength, eye hand co ordination and flexibility. A good tennis player will eventually develop good hand eye coordination, stamina, power and timing.


Most of the world famous tennis brands have presence in Indian market also. This includes rackets Head, Wilson, Babolat, yonex etc. Also Indian brands like Nivia and Cosco offers a handful of quality rackets that too in an affordable budget.

Thing to know while choosing a Tennis racket

Choosing a tennis racket, especially as a beginner is not an easy task. You have to consider few factors that decides the quality/nature/behaviour of racket, in terms of control, power and durability.

Mainly you have to look for racket material, balance and weight. Also have a look at grip size and length.

    • Material
  • Commonly used materials are aluminium, steel and carbon composites like titanium, graphite etc. Make of material is an important thing because of 2 reasons.

    First is impact on racket weight and then durability.

    • Weight
  • Light rackets(300 gram or below)

    Medium rackets(300 gram to 350 gram)

    Heavy rackets(35o gram and above)

    • Flex and stiffness ratings
  • Flex and stiffness affects control, power and comfort of racket to some extend. More st

    • Brand
  • Choosing from trusted brands for more durable, and quality rackets

    • Balance
  • Based on your playing style, Power game, tweener or defensive control play, you can choose rackets that can take advantage of your playing style.

    • Grip size
  • Choose grip size based on your hand size, from grip size 1 to grip size 4.

    Different grip size of lawn and clay tennis rackets

    • Length
  • 27 inch(27in/68.58cm) is standard length of Tennis rackets. But if you have good height and want to get more power you may use more long racket.

    Also small junior rackets are available at 21 inch, 26 inch, 24 inch etc

    • Stringing pattern
  • Open stringing, Closed stringing

    Stringing advise for specific models are given by top brands. Please search internet for more information about different stringing patterns and brand specific stringing advice.

    • Playing surface

    Four types of playing surface are clay courts, hard courts, grass courts and carpet courts. Each have its specific characteristics that affect playing style and game.

    • Playing style

    Baseliner players” battle from the baseline, “attackers” play aggressively and want a racket that controls their own power. “All courter” use their skills in different styles.

    Some brands like wilson categories their rackets solely based on playing style.

    Best tennis rackets in India - 2021

    Tennis racket for beginners/juniors in India under 2000 Rupees

    • NIVIA G-21 Tennis Racquet

    Check price at amazon, flipkart

    Nivia G - 21 Tennis kids tennis racket

    Brand – Nivia, colour – Green + white strung – Yes

    Material – Aluminium (comes with racket cover)

    Length – 21 inch, Age group - Junior

    This is a junior racket having 21 inch length and made with aluminium. This racket from Indian brand Nivia is good for kids who are starting with tennis.

    Best Tennis racket bats below Rs 2000 in India

    • Cosco Max Power Tennis Racquet

    Check price at amazon, flipkart

    Cosco max power tennis racket

    Brand – cosco, Colour – blue + green

    Material – Aluminium, strung – Yes

    Length – 27 inch full size

    This full size racket from Cosco is also a good option for senior palyers who are starting this game. Made with aluminium material and having a length of 27 inch, this racket will be a best for recreational games.

    Other good racket under rs 2000 is Wilson US Open 23

    Best Tennis racket bats below Rs 3000 in India

    • Wilson Match Point XL 3

    Check price at amazon, flipkart

    Colour – Black and orange , length – 27 inch with larger head size(XL) and sweet spot.

    Material – , weight – strung – Yes

    Wilson match point XL, which features extra large head size, is a racket that can be used for competitive games. Made with light weight frame, this racket will give good swing speed.

    • Head titanium 3000 (Recommended)

    Check price at amazon

    Weight – 275 gram, strung – yes, Length – 27 inch

    Age group – senior, Material – graphite composite

    Colour – blue, white and black combination

    One of the best racket under 3000 from Head. Weighing 275 grams this is a super light racket available at a price range of 1850 to 3000 rupees.

    This racket is an ideal choice for any beginners who want to compete with professional players. This piece is made with carbon composites (graphite).

    Best Tennis rackets below 5000 Rupees

    • Wilson US Open Strung

    Check price details at – flipkart

    • Head Titanium 3100 Club Series

    Check price details at amazon, flipkart

    Best Tennis rackets below Rs 10000 in India

    • Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

    Check price details at amazon, flipkart

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